Zoom Call (SNL)

Remote work veterans are no strangers to virtual collaboration, be it phone, instant messaging, or video collaboration. With so many people jumping into collaboration for the first time due to Covid-19, there can be a learning curve. In classic spoof fashion, SNL nailed the Zoom call.

Tripp and Tyler Get Remote Work

The comedy duo, Tripp and Tyler, totally get remote work. Here are a few favorites from their YouTube channel: video conference calls, audio conference calls, and email.

A 2017 Classic: Conference Call Bingo

Three words: conference call bingo. Yes! I think some enterprising person should make up a deck of these. They could be sold, yes? And used? Heck yes.

The New Yorker: I Work From Home

Colin Nissan wrote a fabulous humor piece in The New Yorker about the trials of working from home, including constant eating, not exercising, and not being productive.

50 Things Only Remote Workers Understand

The team at InVision collaborated on this list of 50 things only remote workers understand. They’re a 100% remote company, so of course, they get it! Which ones speak to you?