Ady Howes

Role: Digital Content Specialist (Learning and Marketing)
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Connect: @adyhowes,
Remote Since: 2015

My Workspace

A custom built wooden office in the garden. BBQ not too far away, hot tub within easy distance and a bar available for when the work is done (or during if we really want to get creative!!)

Why I’m Remote Where I’m Remote

It was a home before an office! Family first! Always. And we’re close to our nearest and dearest in this community.

My Thoughts on Pets

I love our Chocolate Labrador. She likes sunbathing just outside and with the office doors open, she reminds me to take a break (for walkees!) and listens to all my challenges and problems (although doesn’t tend to come forward with any solutions!)

Why Remote?

Balance and flexibility (not in a physical sense). Being able to be Dad and husband at the right moments, for example being at a parents evening, or a show, or for a swim or a horse ride is a dream. Being flexible around work not only allows me to do these things, but also benefits the organisation I work for by making the most out of my creative moments (which don’t always fall between 9-5).

What Challenges Do Remote Workers Face?

Missing people! It’s great to say “Hi” to people on Slack and we do meet up by Zoom. But I really miss that daily, informal, chitchat and being with peeps.

My Best Remote Work Advice

Stay connected (with others and what’s going on). Know when to turn off and shut down. Work hard, be disciplined but enjoy the benefits of being able to work remotely (and don’t feel guilty for doing so).

When I’m Not Working

Spending great time with family and friends enjoying adventures and creating memories.

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