Barry McGee

Role: Web Developer
Location: Belfast, Ireland
Connect: @barrymcgee,
Remote Since: 2016

My Workspace

Best feature is my 38 inch wide-screen which I have on a gas-powered arm so I can move it about during the day to change working positions. I also have a Philips Hue strip along the rim of my desk which I can light up in over 1 million (according to Philips) different colours! I mostly light it bright yellow as it works like a mood light.

Why I’m Remote Where I’m Remote

I work at home as I don’t yet have any kids so it’s quiet and I also have a dedicated study. The best thing about where I live is the abundance of artisan coffee shops that have cropped up around recently – most of which are perfect for a little bit of remote working.

The Mothership


My Thoughts on Pets

Yes! Since I started working remotely, I got a little cocker spaniel called Murphy who keeps me company during the day. He’s very affectionate!

Why Remote?

I get two hours a day back because I’ve no commute! I also like the flexibility to fit life around work. Need to stick the laundry on? No problem!

What Challenges Do Remote Workers Face?

I worry about distance bias: not having the visibility in the office other people have and possibly being overlooked for promotion.

My Best Remote Work Advice

I captured at lot of advice in my blog post!

When I’m Not Working

I love to take photos, cycle and tour local coffee purveyors.

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