Jeff Shamley

Role: Software Engineer (front-end JavaScript)
Location: Loveland, Colorado
Connect: @jeff_shamley,
Remote Since: 2011

My Workspace

I work in a basement bedroom we converted to an office. I have an adjustable sitting/standing desk, 2 Mac Computers, a large Samsung monitor, wireless keyboard and two trackpads. Oh, and decorations: a Cartman Doll, John Elway bobbleheads and an old radio on-air light.

Why I’m Remote Where I’m Remote


The Mothership

The main office is ~50 miles from here, and the car ride averages 1:15. I go in once or twice a week.

My Thoughts on Pets

Sadly, we had to put our dog down recently. I’ll miss her company in my home office. She was alway lying on the floor in here.

Why Remote?

Flexibility with my family. I am at all of my sons’ events and am here to take them to hockey or to the doc or walk them to school. Working at home is all about my family. Oh, and not spending 2.5 hours in a 4-wheeled coffin everyday!

What Challenges Do Remote Workers Face?

Communication. When relying on phone, Slack, and email, things can fall through the cracks or they can be unclear.

My Best Remote Work Advice

Over-communicate. It takes time to get this right, so make sure you know what everyone is talking about and that they know what you are talking about.

When I’m Not Working

I like to ride bikes, drink beer and yell at football on the television. I also enjoy anything with my family. They are my work/life balance! Being able to get a run in midday is nice. too. Or running errands when time permits.

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