Keith Chamberlain

Role: Healthcare, marketing and membership experience
Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States
Connect: @ChamberlainKR
Remote Since: 2001, 2012-2015, currently ad hoc

My Workspace

When I’m remote, I work in a spare bedroom I converted to office. I have 2 computers, books and my drum set in the room.

Why I’m Remote Where I’m Remote

Our two acres of land is surrounded by 900 acres of a county park, providing lots of peace and quiet. My spouse grew up on an apple orchard in central Massachusetts, so this setting offers some similar spatial benefits.

The Mothership

During the 4 years I worked for a company in Boulder, Colorado, I was 1,800 miles away from the home office. I traveled there for about a week per month after a more intense visit schedule during my first 4-6 months.

My Thoughts on Pets

Porter is our 60-pound Catahoula mix. We start and finish our days with a walk in the park. There’s also some midday ball-tossing that happens when (a) I need a break from the computer and (b) he wants some attention!

Why Remote?

I’ll call it the 3 Fs: Focus, Flexibility and Freedom. Focus means fewer interruptions during work like marketing plans and budgeting. Flexibility lets me start and end when my work is done, or adjust my hours as needed. Freedom means I’m free from commuting and traffic, free to work extra hours on weekends/evenings as needed, and free to leave early for my Tuesday night golf league or theatre rehearsals.

What Challenges Do Remote Workers Face?

The same 3 Fs. In reverse!

My Best Remote Work Advice

Use a calendar to schedule yourself so you don’t get too distracted. Do everything you can to “over-communicate” with those you work with. Lack of “being there” can cause certain things to get by people. Leverage technology and “sell up” on these tools when you can. Choose video calls instead of teleconferences when practical; choose teleconferences instead of email when you can, especially for more important discussion items. Have a room with a door you can close, particularly if you have little ones.

When I’m Not Working

I embrace the chance to be fully present in all that I do, be it work or personal activities. Knowing I can be just as professional as my office-bound peers (maybe even more so as a remote worker, due to the required discipline) is a responsibility to be taken seriously. Work hard to build trust with your peers and your work ethic will never be questioned. Then play hard, because the life journey is a very short one.

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