Kyle Unzicker

Role: User Experience Design & Development
Princeton, Illinois, United States
Remote Since: 2011

My Workspace

I work in a wood-paneled basement that was probably finished in the 70’s. It’s a big space, however, it’s away from the chaos in my house, and it’s ALL MINE.

Why I’m Remote Where I’m Remote

I live in a small rural community where my wife grew up. We moved here after our first child was born to be near family. If I didn’t work for a distributed company, there wouldn’t be a company in my field that I could work for within 60 miles.

The Mothership

We have no main office. All 70+ of us work from our respective homes across the globe. There is, however, a group of people all in Minneapolis who rent an office. I fly there about twice a year (90 minute flight).

My Thoughts on Pets


Why Remote?

We all can work from anywhere!

What Challenges Do Remote Workers Face?

Social isolation. I miss having lunch with my coworkers.

My Best Remote Work Advice

Set up boundaries between ‘work’ and ‘home’. Whether that’s keeping regular hours or closing your space off from the rest of the house, do what you can to ensure you are still “going to work”. Beware of family members who will want to drop by at any time.

When I’m Not Working

I don’t really take advantage of remote work in terms of working from exotic places or working irregular hours. However, working from home means I can create my own schedule around my family’s needs. My wife and I support each other by ensuring the other is able to workout when we need to. Watching the kids (or simply having the baby monitor on my desk) for an hour is a simple way to do that. Also, I get to eat lunch with my family every day: how great is that?

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