Can working remotely benefit your physical health?

When we asked #remotechat, the consensus was yes, the respondents were healthier as remote workers. Why? They owed it to a combination of fitness accessibility and healthier eating. Kat’s tweet sums it up nicely.

On the fitness front, remote workers may be more likely to have fitness equipment in their homes, but also to make time at specific times of day to head to the gym. You may have a dog that needs walking periodically, which also serves as a nice built-in break for you. App-based fitness is also making home workouts a viable option, such as Yoga Studio and Les Mills on Demand.

One additional enabler of fitness any time of day: you don’t need to look presentable (per se) after working out to return to work. Katherine even uses a walking workstation to build fitness into her remote work setup!

Remote workers also said they eat healthier, too. There’s something so true about that: you have a choice about what you buy for your fridge and pantry. Perhaps we didn’t hear from the remote workers who stock them with junk? I have a feeling that it’s more likely that when you’re remote and away from the lure of restaurants and bars each day, you’re making healthier choices when you stock up at the market.

Do you have a favorite at-home workout routine? How about tips for healthier eating? Share in the comments below.

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