Valentina Thörner: Managing from a Distance

I had the recent pleasure of reading Valentina's how-to guide about remote leadership. From a Distance is a step-by-step guide to creating and operating a remote support team, though I think the principles she talks about can be applied to any remote environment. Valentina interviewed leaders from remote companies to find out how they effectively operate their remote teams.

If you are a frequent reader of The Art of Working Remotely, you know a remote team's success doesn't depend on location or time zone. It depends on creating a structure – including effective leadership and tools – that can help remote workers thrive while distributed.

Here's my take on From a Distance. But hey, don't take it from me, grab this free book today from Valentina's web site!

I particularly enjoyed reading From a Distance! You've done a great job capturing a lot of fantastic talking points about remote management. As I read, I couldn't help but think (which I already knew) that Automattic really has their stuff together. I've interacted with Automattic support several times in the past year: all timely, effective, satisfying encounters. Sounds like a fantastic place to work, especially with the context from your position as a remote manager.

The quote that stood out for me most was "If you don't believe in 1:1s and regular updates, remote work is not for you." So true. As an avid skier, your comment about split days with a lengthy ski-filled lunch break made me smile. It'll be winter soon!

Thank you for publishing this and for making it so freely available!

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