Whether you’ve been working remotely for many years, or are just starting out, you’ve realized that remote work can look very different. It depends on where you’re working. What you’re working on. Who you’re working for, and who you’re working with. It depends on where you live, and whether you’re on your own or living with a bunch of other people. As you put your time in as a remote worker, you’ll invariably realize ...

“Hey, there’s an art to this working remotely thing.”

I’ve worked remotely since 1998, and I realized that I have a lot to share so others wouldn’t have to learn the hard lessons (per se).

Check out my #365DistributedWorkTips project. It resulted in 365 fantastic pieces of advice, related in some way to success at work or life, with a distinct leaning toward thriving in a distributed workplace. They're available as a compendium in Scott Dawson's Handbook for the Modern Worker. The handbook is the perfect companion to the book that started it all: The Art of Working Remotely.

Thanks for stopping by. Check out one of the many topical pages about remote work on this site. Enjoy everything that working remotely can offer you. It’s a great way to live and work!