The Art of Working Remotely: LAUNCH DAY!

I'm SO excited! You know why? The Art of Working Remotely is available TODAY. This project has been so fulfilling for me. I've been working remotely for 21+ years, and I'm so happy to share my book with you!

I dedicate this book to my family. The feature picture on this post was taken the evening of my daughter's high school graduation. Amy has been with me on this remote work journey right from the start, supporting me through the tough times and celebrating the successes. It's no mistake, then, that this book launch coincides with our anniversary! Elizabeth and Xander were born and raised during the years I worked remotely, and remote work’s inherent flexibility helped me change countless diapers, be there for unmissable moments, and support them as they grew into fine young adults.

If you've read some of the early reviews of the book, you'll understand that this isn't purely a prescriptive work. I enjoy getting to know an author as I read something they wrote. I created The Art of Working Remotely with this in mind. The first section of the book is packed with personal anecdotes that formed many of my professional values. If these stories make you laugh just once at my expense, it will have been worth penning them!

Of course, the book covers the "bread and butter" of getting started working remotely: your environment. Whether it’s your workspace, WiFi, or your wardrobe, the key is make sure you’re as comfortable as possible and positioned for peak productivity. You'll also read about the habits of a quality remote worker. At the end of the day, we’re all human, and have different ways of managing, communicating, learning, and coping with being in different environments.

That said, there’s no one-size-fits-all advice that anyone can dispense. We can all share our successes and trials, though. We can all learn from each other’s experiences. I encourage you to reach out to other remote workers through any of the fantastic networks that are (or will be) available to support this fantastic way of working.

I've always enjoyed writing, but this is the biggest writing project I've completed so far. It marks the beginning of my journey as an author. As we weave our way through the coming year, I'm going to be working on another writing project. This one's for the tween set, but based on early beta reading, it's going to be a fun read for people of all ages. I can't wait to work on it more, and to share it more broadly when it's ready!

That's it. Enjoy the day. Enjoy what summer has yet to show you.

Thank you for your support of The Art of Working Remotely!

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